What is ScarWork?

Scars can have far reaching effects in terms of their appearance and the pain they cause. As skin heals, following an operation or accident, its many layers can tether together as the body rushes to close the wound. These areas can then pull on other internal structures which restricts mobility and causes discomfort elsewhere.

ScarWork is the original creation of Sharon Wheeler, a pioneering US therapist who developed gentle and painless techniques that help scar tissue and adhesions to heal. Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWorkTM therapy aims to soften and change scar tissue using a light touch approach. Despite its gentle nature, research has shown that the therapy can create cellular and deep tissue changes which appear to result in permanent improvements.

What kind of scars does ScarWork treat?

Scars that are caused by accidents or surgeries (including caesarean sections) may be treated. The therapy benefits both new and old scars – even ones that are decades old.

Treatment benefits include:

  • Improved appearance of scars
  • Reduced tightness and tension
  • Reduced pain and sensitivity
  • Improved chronic nerve dysfunction such as numbness
  • Softened scar tissue
  • Promotion of optimal scar healing
  • Increased movement range
  • Emotional release associated with scarring

ScarWork has some contraindications and certain criteria must be met to be eligible for therapy. Please call The Arch Clinic on 01753 424134 to arrange a free phone consultation prior to making an appointment.

What can you expect from ScarWork treatment?

The ScarWork therapist will initially assess how your scars and adhesions are affecting you. They will work on the scar and its surrounding area in a gentle and relaxing way using motions that do not cause pain. They will take any scar sensitivity into account ensuring you are comfortable and warm throughout the process.

How many sessions are needed?

Generally, several sessions are recommended, alongside a rehabilitation program or physical therapy where appropriate. However, some clients find a single session may be enough for them to come to terms with the scar itself.

We recommend a minimum three-week gap between sessions and advise no heavy movements for three days following a session.

Contact us to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss your suitability for ScarWork with our therapist Michelle.