Diary of a shockwave patient: does it hurt & does it work?

by Vivien Eden

I love running, but it doesn’t love me back. In 2014 I did the Windsor Half Marathon. My French family had come over to take part and we ran it together in glorious sunshine – it was tough, but amazing. Afterwards, I slacked off on running, but on Boxing Day that year, I felt like escaping the family for a bit (we’ve all been there!) and went for a lengthy run. That’s when it started, a bruised achy feeling in my left heel. I thought I’d bashed my foot on a stone and figured it would sort itself out. It didn’t, and so I saw a sports massage therapist who’d always managed to cure my aches and pains in the past. His best guess was that it was bruised. Feet take a while to improve, give it time and so I waited.