Diary of a shockwave patient: does it hurt & does it work?

by Vivien Eden

I love running, but it doesn’t love me back. In 2014 I did the Windsor Half Marathon. My French family had come over to take part and we ran it together in glorious sunshine – it was tough, but amazing. Afterwards, I slacked off on running, but on Boxing Day that year, I felt like escaping the family for a bit (we’ve all been there!) and went for a lengthy run. That’s when it started, a bruised achy feeling in my left heel. I thought I’d bashed my foot on a stone and figured it would sort itself out. It didn’t, and so I saw a sports massage therapist who’d always managed to cure my aches and pains in the past. His best guess was that it was bruised. Feet take a while to improve, give it time and so I waited.

Homeworking: how to minimise the harmful parts

Take a look at the photo above of the lady working from home above. Do you recognise that pose? She’s sitting on a dining chair with her neck stretched forwards and she’s looking down towards the laptop screen. Her back is hunched over, and her shoulders are rounded forward. She’s clearly not happy about something, but at least she has a cup of coffee…

Put your oxygen mask on first…

So here we are, almost at the end of January 2020.  How’s it all going?  Most of us will have made some sort of plan or resolution at the beginning of the year to make a change to the way we live.  If you did, you would certainly have had all the best intentions in the world: get more exercise, go vegan, spend less, drink less, pick up old friendships, reduce plastic, practice mindfulness… Sadly, a lot of these intentions may have already flown out of the window as we get back into the thick of commuting, meetings, emails, ferrying children around and weekly grocery shops.

Could “Eccentric exercises” be a magic cure for tendonitis?

Tendonitis can be a right pain.  There are tendons in the human body wherever muscles meet bones, connecting the two together.  This creates lots of opportunity for pain, stiffness, grating sensations and swelling: all classic symptoms of tendonitis. Two very well-known types of tendonitis are Tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis.

Migraines are such a headache

We are constantly absorbing medical research at The Arch Clinic and one subject particularly close to our hearts is migraines.  It’s a widespread condition with debilitating consequences, but one we treat daily with great results – so let’s talk migraines.

The sheer unpleasantness of a migraine

20 years.  That’s the average length of time that patients suffer with migraines in their lives according to one study.