Welcome to The Arch Clinic...

ostephath windsorThe Arch Clinic is a state of the art multidisciplinary clinic based in the heart of Windsor near Central Station. The treatment choices available at the clinic are: Osteopathy, Cranial osteopathy, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Podiatry, Performance Coaching, Acupuncture, and Hypnotherapy.

The Clinic provides expert care and treatment for a wide range of conditions that affect your muscles, bones, joints and musculo-skeletal system.  With highly trained practitioners using state of the art diagnostic equipment, we often work as a team (Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist for instance) to make sure you get the best result in the shortest possible time.

The Arch Clinic is different because it offers:

> Access to highly qualified and experienced specialists in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Pilates.
Biomechanical & podiatric assessment to understand why the problem occurred rather than just treat the injury.
>  State of the art diagnostic ultrasound imaging, with referrals MRI and blood tests where appropriate.
>  Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for activity related injuries.
>  Advice and guidance to reduce the risk of future injuries and to give you the control to manage your pain.

Whether it’s to improve your daily activity, return to work in comfort or better your marathon time, we are here to help. The Arch Clinic, your bridge to physical health.

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