Put your oxygen mask on first…

So here we are, almost at the end of January 2020.  How’s it all going?  Most of us will have made some sort of plan or resolution at the beginning of the year to make a change to the way we live.  If you did, you would certainly have had all the best intentions in the world: get more exercise, go vegan, spend less, drink less, pick up old friendships, reduce plastic, practice mindfulness… Sadly, a lot of these intentions may have already flown out of the window as we get back into the thick of commuting, meetings, emails, ferrying children around and weekly grocery shops.

As our lives get busier, we can end up prioritising ‘to-do’ lists and juggling our days around to squeeze it all in.









Here’s an idea to help get us all back on track.  Financial budgeting is a concept that we all understand and (should!) practice. We budget for food, insurance, the car, gas and electricity, school trips, hairdressers, golf clubs… but do we budget for self-care?  Perhaps not.  Money is usually one of the first things we focus on and yet sadly, we usually end up putting ourselves last.

When was the last time you decided to put aside some money, or time, for a medical check up, a massage or a visit to the physiotherapist or osteopath? Dare we even mention a budget for our mental well-being?

It’s interesting that we will take our car straight to the garage if it makes a ‘funny noise’ and yet we will walk around with a pain in our side, or leg or ribs for days on end. If our best friend told us about a pain they were suffering from, we would tell them to ‘go and get it looked at.’ So, maybe for the rest of this year treat yourself as your own best friend. Spend that bit of money and time on you.  Get that pain looked at. Grab a sports massage (it will only help your golf swing or your five-a-side at the weekend). Call up that old friend.  Try that new recipe.  Book a session with the osteopath to get that niggly back sorted.  Hunt down the perfect yoga class on Wednesday evenings. If you want to lose some old, bad habits and create better ones instead, you could book a session with a hypnotherapist.

As they say on the airplane safety briefing, “Put your oxygen mask on first” because then you can be at your best to help those around you. Self-care doesn’t mean you are being selfish – just helping yourself get in a better place to be able to help those around you. So have a happy 2020 and treat yourself to something that is the least you deserve; with 11 months left of the year there’s everything to play for.