Pomegranate paradise (and other foods that well elevate your wellbeing)

One of our team was lucky enough to just return from a holiday in the Aegean part of Southern Turkey.  Whilst away, they were on their way to a restaurant one warm evening, when they brushed against an overhanging tree branch containing an enormous quantity of pomegranates in various stages of growth.  Now aware of a local and abundant product, they tracked down some pomegranate juice to try (when in Rome and all that…).

Everything you need to know about foot care when exercising

A lot of us are currently out and about, pounding the pavements and parks making the most of summer.  There are endless reasons to run and walk outside: fitness, catching some sunshine, fresh air, beautiful scenery or training for an event.  But when we put our feet through a lot, we can end up with foot-related problems. Some of these make grim reading, but don’t worry, it’s good to be aware of them so you know what to do if you get any issues.

Migraines are such a headache

We are constantly absorbing medical research at The Arch Clinic and one subject particularly close to our hearts is migraines.  It’s a widespread condition with debilitating consequences, but one we treat daily with great results – so let’s talk migraines.

The sheer unpleasantness of a migraine

20 years.  That’s the average length of time that patients suffer with migraines in their lives according to one study.

Did you know that our guts and our brains talk to each other?

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach when you were excited or nervous?  Perhaps you had a “gut feeling” that helped you form an opinion?  There’s a physical reason for this…

Your gut and brain are physically connected through millions of nerves, the best known of which is the vagus nerve – the longest nerve originating from the brain: an information superhighway.

Where did that hour go?

The clocks changed on Sunday as British Summer Time (BST) began.  We’ve all been looking forward to the longer days with the promise of chilled white wine on the patio after work… but there’s no denying it, many of us are finding this week tough because BST messes with our body clock.  Some studies suggest that the 1-hour time change can trigger some pretty serious issues.  Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Best Actress Oscar Winner reveals the power of hypnotherapy

“It’s genuinely quite stressful…” Olivia Colman uttered as she began her acceptance speech for her Best Actress Oscar last week.  It’s fair to say that many of us up on that stage, having to find the words at that time, would also feel exactly the same.  But those words ring especially true when you learn something else about this Oscar winning actress…