Happiness Hacks for Life in Lockdown: 3 Simple Steps to Get You Through

Here we are, entrenched in a lockdown situation again and many of us have had enough! So, being the helpful folks we are, we thought a few handy hints might be in order to help us get through this awkward period. Whereas we might be feeling that lockdown is [insert a word of your choice]: mundane, stressful, worrying, cruel, depressing, evil… there are still positives we can take from this experience. So, let’s see if we can find some silver-linings to spur us on…

Mental Health and Talking Therapies

Mental health is starting to be better understood and has moved away from being the taboo that it once was.  Whilst it is concerning that mental health issues, particularly among the younger generation, appear to be increasing – this is balanced by a greater willingness by those affected to seek help and talk about their issues with a therapist.